Sunday, September 14, 2008

Questions to ask Stephen Hawking on CNN

CNN will be relaying questions to cosmologist, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking in relation to space, which will air on their show "The Spirit of Space" early October. Since everyone states Stephen Hawking is possibly the smartest person on the planet, he shouldn't have any problems answering questions if you ask him these questions below:

* Are Earth particles stationary to cosmic rays, meaning they can't move a centimeter without getting hit by these rays?

* If Hawking radiation doesn't exist, what will happen to black holes?

* How fast does black holes suck in matter?

* If you're wrong about hawking radiation, do you feel comfortable that the most destructive force in the universe will be created in the heart of Europe at the LHC, one per second?

* What happens when black holes collide with each other?

If he doesn't answer any of the questions above, we know where his hearts is, and it isn't space. The Nobel prize in physics!

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