Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hello CERN!

Everybody wave!
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And a big welcome to everyone coming from LHC Concerns, and Wikipedia!


Jasmine said...

Calling Brian a twat. LMAO!

You owe me a new keyboard, there's cornflakes all over it.

Anonymous said...

The issue of global risks that generates this facility still remains unanswered probative on the part of CERN.

The report facility security, the famous report LSAG (LHC Safety Assessment Group) includes a number of comparisons seeking to reduce the perception of risk (including the risk of black hole).
The main argument of this report can not withstand a serious argument against them:
-The cosmic-ray, whether it is actually speaking largest energy as energy of a single proton LHC, is considerably more diffuse (0.0000007 J/m2/s flows consist of protons or He nuclei) , Than the flow of particles collimated LHC (2x3000 package of 1E11 protons with a total energy beam of 350 méga.joules) ...
Indeed, the cosmic ray particles of energy well above the 7 T.ev LHC are uncommon , the order of 1 particle per m2 per year for 1000 Tev for example, and when the particles are same order of magnitude in terms of energy as a LHC proton , cosmic radiation is about 1 particle per m2 per second ...
The flow of particle LHC is considerably more dense with 600 million collisions per second that cosmic radiation, contrary to what would have us believe CERN ...
{http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Spectre_rayons_cosmiques.gif }

-The report also LSAG CERN agreed that the establishment of a mini black hole in these conditions is possible if the universe is composed of more than 3 spatial dimensions and 1 time dimension. Although CERN calls this opportunity to highly speculative, I recall that string theory, admits of no fewer than 11 dimensions, the fact remains that string theory is based ... a member of CERN ...
It is unclear therefore why CERN qualifies t'il its own theories speculative, if not positively to arrange his argument ...

-In addition comparison with mosquitoes is intellectually dishonest, it does absolutely not consider the 350 Méga.Joules of each beam. The comparison with mosquitoes is representative of only one collision and is not at the level of 600 million second collision that having the LHC ...

-Regarding the theories about the evaporation of Hawking (9 cited in the report LSAG), Otto ROSSLER has shown that this theory was wrong. Moreover no comments cosmological could never validate it ...

6 billion human beings require something else CERN a stupid argument for deep, based on analogies with mosquitoes or comparisons with cosmic radiation that is not representative of the flow of particles present in the LHC ...