Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CERN insider: For some strange reason, we're in a race

By CERN insider

For months we've been told that we were going to take it slow at the Large Hadron Collider. Cross all our t's and dot our i's, just to be sure all was safe. Now there's a rush like if we don't collide by next week, we're going to lose our toy, so screw safety. You wont believe how far away I want to be from this place.

Before coming here, I worshiped CERN, until I grew a brain. But I keep smiling, rubbing elbows with higher, while deep down I'm terrified. Wonder how long I can keep this up.

Hangin' in there,

(How about leaving? Get your ass out of there. Sheesh!)


Anonymous said...

OMG! We have a pussy working on the inside. Listen to C.W. and get your ass out of there!

LHCer said...

Anonymous, I'm not sure this post is really from a CERN insider, but if it is, you're not helping with your insults! You and every moronic blogger like Jesus Diaz, who hurl insults to justify our experiments are doing more harm than good, even if you manage to squeeze in something that resembles intelligence.

Please never go online again.

Anonymous said...

reliance upon the 2008 cern report based on the 2003 cern report. nothing about Wagner's claim that CERN have another safety report that reveals clear hazards.

one nuclear medicine physicist, a professor of chemistry, and a couple of others
may not look all that impressive.
but otherwise there's a hell of a lot of hiding conveniently behind bold claims without really looking at the specific issues around which dangers COULD emerge.

Take Higgs view on Hawking radiation, that it is not convincing and not satisfactory from the perspective of himself and many particle physicist. -the higgs boson is part of the standard model in physics.
Take the fact that an alternative similar to black holes the gravastar, though absorbing matter, would also 'fire' out matter, this, area that many physicists explore relies upon compact but ultralight particles making up a web in space, leaving us with a TOTALLY unexamined safety situation.

imagine the effect from the momentum of speed a cosmic ray upon another cosmic ray of equal and opposite magnitude, hence maximising the prospects for the greater STABILITY of resulting particles..
with estimates of up to 1 mini black hole pers second by independent physicists where string theory is accepted, there are possibilities for the absorbing from lingering (with no Hawking radiation) from the large nuclei of the already fairly compact molecules in the earth;
I feel entitled to be worried