Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hawking Radiation, Higgs Boson, do or bust (implode)

10 September, Red Button Day as CERN calls it... Whoo-hoo! ...the first beams of protons will be injected into the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and through various sources, either it's going to circulate in one direction to test the 17 mile round particle accelerator for a few weeks, or smash protons together at near light speed either that day or by the end of this week, or in two months.

Anyway, depending on when these collisions take place, the main purpose is to detect the Higgs Boson, what CERN calls the God particle, which Stephen Hawking placed a bet against it being discovered in 2000 once the LHC is operational, that still holds today, but still expects his own theory, Hawking Radiation, will evaporate micro black holes before they could become stable enough to grow, even after losing a bet causing him to admit in 2004 that the Hawking Radiation theory was in error for over 30 years.

Knowing this, CERN still expects the unproven Hawking Radiation theory to still save the day if micro black holes are produced through LHC collisions, not even considering that it could be completely wrong. Now if Stephen Hawking states Higgs Boson wont be created through LHC collisions which some fanatical CERN supporters call idiotically ludicrous to even think, why do they still expect Hawking Radiation to evaporate micro black holes when they now call Hawking an idiot?

Wait till we cross into the next dimension, then you can call him names! Sheesh!

AFP - Hawking bets CERN mega-machine won't find 'God's Particle'
The Guardian - Hawking revises black hole thinking


Erik Martin said...

Your title thing doesn't really make sense: Energy and temperature are not the same type of unit -- you can't relate them directly. And the energy content of two mosquitoes does indeed translate to those temperatures on the scale of a proton. (Or, as I calculated it, the energy of 1/4 of a baby asprin traveling at 1 MPH.)

And as a rule, you can assume that when a scientist says, "I have no idea what the result of this experiment is going to be," they aren't implying that there's a possibility that the experiment is going to destroy the universe.

two mosquitoes said...

You can't relate them directly? Then you turn around and relate them in your second sentence? Erik, you're not helping.

Where did you get the idea that I assumed Brian Cox implied the LHC will destroy the universe. His quotes just proves they don't know what will happen, and he stated this more than once.

Since you're confused, this is my blog, not Katja's.

Anonymous said...

Hello - thought I should clarify what this means. The energy of each proton is approximately the same as that of a mosquito in flight. There's a very simple formula from thermodynamics that relates the energy of particles in a gas to its temperature. So what is meant is that the energy of the protons is approximately that which they would have if they were in a gas heated to the stated temperature.

Vincent said...

Anonymous, you just love embarrassing yourself. What you state is mentioned on their website which is managed by an amature, CERN's PDF file of their LSAG report tells a different story:

LSAG Report: "On the other hand, each collision of a pair of protons in the LHC will release an amount of energy comparable to that of two colliding mosquitoes,"

And what happens when protons collide?

CERN's Facts and Figures: "When two beams of protons collide, they will generate temperatures more than 100 000 times hotter than the heart of the Sun,"

Do your research so you make a fool of yourself again.