Friday, March 12, 2010

LHC Shutdown Hoax: misleading article titles

Seems CERN's PR machine has started a hoax to distract the masses, knowing full well our pathetic media will run with it. I haven't had time to check which news outlet started it, but the news article titles give the false impression that the LHC is about to shutdown for maintenance. Unless surfers read the article instead accepting titles as fact, they wont know it's addressing a future shutdown in 2011 and that the machine is currently operational.

Atom smasher to shut for year

Hadron Collider to be closed amid fears of a very big bang

Large Hadron Collider to close for a year for refit and repairs

Large Hadron Collider ‘to shut down for a year

LHC to shut down for a year to address design faults

The LHC to Shut Down... Again?

Large Hadron Collider Will Shut Down for a Year

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