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Einstein's regret, mad physicists CERN regards

"If I had only know, I would have been a locksmith."
- Albert Einstein

Below, the madness Einstein regret to have started, from the 1940's till present, starting with physicists CERN highly regards which two were the inspiration for the mad scientist in the movie Dr. Stranglelove:

July 1945, physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, from his cryptic telegram to scientists back at Berkeley before the first a-bomb test "I've become death... the destroyer of worlds."

After World War II, Oppenheimer, recognized as the father of the A-bomb stated "In some sort of crude sense, which no vulgarity, no humor, no overstatement can quite extinguish... physicists have known sin, and this is a knowledge which they cannot lose."

Physicist Enrico Fermi remark about work on the atomic bomb: "Don't bother me with your conscientious scruples - after all, the thing is beautiful physics."

Under the topic Los Alamos, physicist, Edward Teller, known as father of the hydrogen bomb, put forward the remote possibility that an atom bomb would generate enough heat to ignite the world's atmosphere, but approved the go ahead with testing the first explosion to see what happens.

On Edward Teller's Wikipedia page, under the topic Operation Plowshare and Project Chariot, one of the most controversial projects he proposed was a plan to use a multi-megaton hydrogen bomb to dig a deep-water harbor more than a mile long and half a mile wide to use for shipment of resources from coal and oil fields through Point Hope, Alaska. The Atomic Energy Commission accepted Teller's proposal in 1958 and it was designated Project Chariot.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which Edward Teller help found, has something in common with CERN's LHC. Both laboratories have a statue of the Hindu god Shiva, which depicts this God performing a dance called the Nataraja to destroy a weary universe in preparation to restart creation.

From the 1988 Los Angeles Times article "Arms Cut Spells 'Turning Point' for Livermore Lab" - "In a lobby outside the world's most powerful laser here sits a waist-high statue of the Hindu god Shiva, a Hindu god capable both of world destruction and creation."

Photo of Shiva outside CERN, Geneva, where the LHC is located:

Quotes from CERN's mad physicists:

Brian Cox:
* "At every stage of understanding the universe better, the benefits to civilisation have been immeasurable. None of those big leaps were made with us knowing what was going to happen."

* "We might not have thought of what turns up, but we know we've got to see it."

CERN physicist, John Ellis, who conducted the 2008 LSAG report which was said to be conducted by physicists not involved with the LHC experiment, is seen in the first video in the link below promoting the LHC back in 2006 stating "We don't know exactly what we're going to find, but we know whatever it is it's going to be something new."

Experimental particle physicist, Jonathan Butterworth at University College London (UCL), and a member of the ATLAS collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), mentioning the Hawking Radiation theory (unproven conjecture) like it's a proven process when it has never been witnessed in nature: "They would decay very quickly by Hawking radiation. So we'd look for the products of those decays."

The theory, Hawking radiation, was admitted by Stephen Hawking to be in error in 2004, and with this knowledge CERN physicists and followers spread the propoganda like it's a proven process when it could be completely wrong.

From CERN's review of the safety of LHC collisions pdf "Any microscopic black holes produced at the LHC is expected to decay by Hawking radiation before they reach the detector walls".

If you continue reading CERN's pdf file, CERN back tracks on Hawking radiation stating "so far no experiment has had the sensitivity to find direct evidence of it", but turns around in the next paragraph crazily stating "...the existence of Hawking radiation are valid in the extra-dimensional scenarios used to suggest the possible production of microscopic black holes."

November 2009, CERN Director for Accelerators, Steve Myers stated "The LHC is a far better understood machine than it was a year ago." If CERN understands the LHC better now compared to their understanding in 2008, wouldn't that make the 2008 LSAG safety report invalid?

Tribute to physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer from CERN Courier:

Enrico Fermi: genius and giant of science: from CERN Courier:

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